On Loneliness.

Isolation has broken something inside of me.

I, like most people during the pandemic, was lonely during the pandemic. Unfortunately, even though lockdowns and social distancing have ended, my loneliness has not. I have struggled with loneliness all my life; however, this past year has been my loneliest ever.

Loneliness is common in our society, particularly in my demographic — young, recent college graduates — though I have the (probably mistaken) belief that mine is uniquely pernicious. One can never feel someone else’s pain, but if I had to describe my loneliness, I would say I could feel it in my bones.

During the pandemic, I had hoped my loneliness would end when the world returned to “normal.” Now that the pandemic has “ended” and I am without close friends or meaningful social connections, I realize this hope was foolish. I suppose I never stopped social distancing.


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